Wow armory page not updating randy orton and mickie james dating

To set up your collection, you will first need to log in to your account.

- Some guilds are missing from the Blizzard's API, the problem is reported and should be fixed soon - Boss kills after patch 6.0.2 are not credited, since that data is also missing from the API We are updating Wo W-Heroes for patch 6.0.2.

But when you reimport thereafter, it will take only a second or two. Then click the "Update" link found underneath your pet collection progress bar (upper right, beneath the navigation bar).

Use the on-page buttons to reimport your collection automatically from Wo W's Armory.

The last time it took about a week to hear back from Mike before he agreed to a meeting, so I’m being patient. Many voted for new models, but it became clear that it was coming from a “nice to have” perspective with only one or two saying they would not play vanilla Wo W if the models were not updated.

Many were concerned that asking Blizzard for any additional work was just going to make it that much harder to get them to agree to hosting a legacy server.


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