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Ice's 1990 single "Ice Ice Baby" was the first hip hop single to top the Billboard charts.

Although he was successful, Ice later regretted his business arrangements with SBK, which had paid him to adopt a more commercial appearance to appeal to a mass audience and published fabricated biographical information without his knowledge.

We have collected some of these period items, including a 1920s porcelain sign that hangs on the exterior of the Fountain today.

The message on the sign says it simply: FRANKLIN ICE CREAM: ALL-WAYS.

While his later, less mainstream albums failed to chart or receive much radio airplay, Ice has had a loyal underground following.

Although it seemed it happened overnight, Eric was fully underway making what we are calling FRANKLIN ICE CREAM.

Over the years, thousands of businesses have prospered under the name “Franklin” as the man inspired so many entrepreneurs.

Tom Cruise plays a young man who was handed everything in his life.

He takes things for granted and it comes around full swing in this great movie with a superb twist.


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