White nationalist dating

* White men who love hispanics and and asians but think a redhead will do in a pinch. ..a tiny smattering of charming, handsome smart white men. In other words...really have to shovel vast quantities of poop to find a the ponies!

As simple as this may make me appear, I just joined this forum for the purpose of finding men who are aligned with my values and goals.

I think all dating sites have a large majority of men.I can be sure to receive responses from either : * negros calling me out, but also trying to get naked with me...(Is it just me, or do negros kissing look like two Bonobo chimp asses rubbing together?revolting..) * Idiot islamics from all over Africa ...barely literate.I created a profile on eurodatelink but could not complete it because I do not a have a picture to upload, my computer was stolen so I am using a loaner..I was kinda disapointed but understand I want to see a picture of someone who is interested or that I am interested in, I will have a disc with recent pictures so I will have to wait until then......Which is fine but they have their own sites and there are whites who are very Pro white who want to find whites like themselves.


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