Validating signature wuident cab 0x80096001

) as "Microsoft Signed: NA" whereas previously everything was "Microsoft Signed: Yes".

Can anyone explain this as it certainly does not instil confidence?

Other computers might have a version of Automatic Updates that is incapable of performing self-update.

For more information see Deploying Microsoft Windows Server Update Services ( If the clients in your organization are capable of and require self-update but are still not self-updating, see the next section.

If you have the WSUS client installed but the client computer is pointed to a SUS server, Automatic Updates falls into legacy mode and the client computer uses the SUS client user interface.

In this case you need to redirect the computer away from the SUS server to get the WSUS client to function.

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error 0x800710dd2009-08-05 :5 Misc WARNING: Win Http: Send Request To Server For File Information Make Request failed.Client version: Core: 7.6.7601.18804 Aux: 7.6.7601.18804 2015-08-11 :311 1004 1414 Misc Validating signature for C:\Windows\Software Distribution\Self Update\with dw Prov Flags 0x00000080: 2015-08-11 :378 1004 1414 Misc Microsoft signed: NA 2015-08-11 :378 1004 1414 Misc FATAL: Sub CA Chain Policy failed. To accomplish client self-update, WSUS Setup creates a virtual directory under the WSUS Web site named Selfupdate.The Web site on port 80 does not have to be dedicated to WSUS.Recently I started experimenting on the WSUS since I thought it'd be a good way to preserve the bandwidth.This virtual directory holds the WSUS-compatible Automatic Updates. Using Group Policy to point client computers to your WSUS server should eventually cause an Automatic Updates detection and client self-update.


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