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Having said that, the Viewty still offers a lot, which is why it's remained in the shops such a long time.Apart from its touchscreen user interface, the Viewty has several pleasures waiting to be discovered.The Apple i Phone hype has been so overwhelming that it's easy to forget that there are other damn good phones out there at the moment.The LG KU990, dubbed Viewty, is a recent favourite of ours.The screen is so bright it can be seen clearly even in bright sunlight and the touch screen is so easy to use.I have used touch screens before and sometimes you have to push the screen so hard you wonder what the point is. There is also "haptic feedback" which in English just means that the phone vibrates whenever you "press" a button.Follow the instructions we link to carefully and ensure that you have a backup of the phone's firmware To install a new theme you will need to use EFS Builder to copy it across from your PC and overwriting the Silver theme that is preinstalled on the Viewty.Only one non-standard theme can be installed at any one time.

However, where there's a will there's a way and a small but active community of brave Viewty owners has got together online to find a way to install new, animated Flash-based themes onto their handsets.

This software allows you to browse and delete protected directories on your Viewty.

Note: if you use this software you could delete or move crucial files which will render your Viewty inoperable.

The numeric or alphabetic keypad on the touchscreen works in the same way as a standard mobile phone keypad, but without the traditional mechanical buttons.

There's also a handwriting recognition option which you can use for typing emails and text messages.


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