Updating fields in microsoft word

However, in most cases it is easier to use the commands and options that are provided in Word to add the information that you want.For example, you can insert a hyperlink by using the HYPERLINK field, but it is easier to use the Hyperlink command on the Insert menu. A field behaves like a formula in Excel — the field code is like the formula (which is hidden), and the field result is like the value that the formula produces (which is visible).Inserting fields can give you precise control over dynamic text in your document.Fields are an important part of Word, but it’s good to know that many fields are inserted for you through built-in commands and features.You can switch between displaying field codes and results in your document by pressing OPTION F9 .When you view a field code in your document, the syntax looks like this: .You can do this by following these steps: That setting should make sure that all your links are always up to date.

Many people use fields in Word without even realizing it because so many of Word’s features automatically insert and modify fields.For example, when you insert a date or time and set it to be automatically updated, Word inserts a code.Throughout this book, you’ve been learning about fields in an indirect way.Specifically, you'll need to use either an Auto Open or Auto Close macro, depending on whether you want to update the fields when the document opens or closes.The following is an example of an Auto Open macro you can use.You can automatically update both fields and links when you print a document, but Word treats the two items differently when you are opening a file.


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