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So, even kids with just an i Pod touch (the younger set) could still access and use House Party. has opened up the app) you will receive a notification.

You’ll receive a LOT of notifications depending on the number of friends you’ve connected with.

To use your contacts, you must enter a phone number.

You can still use the app without entering your phone number, but then you’ll have to add your friends’ usernames in manually.

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Here are some other helpful guidelines for parents: • You must be visible and present at all times • Do not leave the party even for a short time • Be at the door when guests arrive.Our service ambassadors offer unmatched personalised attention in a refreshingly unpretentious style.Without front desk formalities, they warmly greet you and escort you to your suite for unpacking service, catering to your every need throughout your stay at our adults only, Barbados resort-hotel.Plan in advance—Parents and child should discuss party plans before the party to decide on: • Date and time: a start and end time will set a clear time frame • Guest list: an “open party” situation can be avoided by making a guest list; smaller groups (10-20) tend to make interaction and activities easier • Activities: plan a variety of activities to fill the time such as sports, movie rentals or games • Food: have plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks on hand; food can also be used as a party activity (i.e.: barbecuing or baking) Parents should remove all alcoholic beverages belonging to them if in the same area where the party is being held.Agree to rules ahead of time: Children should understand that they are held account­able for their own actions and activities.Learn More Romantics searching for the perfect place to reconnect will relish the inspiring adults only atmosphere at The House.


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