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In its weekend election, the tiny oil-rich nation of Kuwait had the opportunity to substantially boost the share of women in its parliament.

And like Americans earlier this month, its voters failed to deliver those big gains.

I think there’s a comfort in thinking that these kinds of things only happen in faraway places like China or North Korea. A NY Times piece about allowing wifi access on planes suggested Skype access could be blocked.

As travelers, the ability to connect back home is part of what makes travel possible for many people.

Yet when it comes to female representation in parliament, the country has a poor record compared to others."There’s a stigma against women participating in public life because they haven’t really done it that much," Courtney Freer, a researcher at the Middle East Centre at the London School of Economics, told Kuwaiti women's representation in parliament has actually fluctuated quite a bit since they first were able to participate.

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I quickly found out that the entire country of Belize uses a single carrier for internet service, Belize Telecommunications (BTL).

Currently, the Maine National Guard has approximately 310 personnel deployed to Afghanistan and the Middle East in support of current operations,” Maj.

Michael Steinbuchel, spokesman for the Maine Army National Guard, said Friday.

Usually they have a firewall that restricts specific websites or data ports.

Because all of your web traffic passes through their firewall before it reaches the outside world, it’s an effective block for anyone trying to get to a program or website directly. A VPN bypasses the firewall, because after you make your initial connection (which your ISP can still deny) you have formed a private tunnel between your computer and your VPN’s server.


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