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Only those who are absolutely committed to supporting one date or the other have anything to fear from a retesting and as STURP has been among the main critics of the 1988 tests, it is presumably their primary responsibility to call for a new test by at least three independent radio-carbon-14 laboratories.

STURP would presumably provide observers who would be present alongside textile and radio-carbon 14 experts to make sure that representative samples of the whole Shroud are chosen.

I don’t think any of us should have anything to fear by a redo, certainly not if our goal is the truth.

This time, however, carbon dating must be done correctly and with complete transparency.

I remember a friend telling me how he had retrieved relics from a presbytery bin when the parish priest had disposed of them in the early 1980s.

This just shows how relics have been regarded by many more recently.

Whilst studies will undoubtedly identify some relics as counterfeit or misidentified, others may be confirmed as originating from the time and place where the holy person lived. The Shroud of Turin is a linen which has impressed a faint image of a man and some color spots (supposedly blood).

Dan I am sure that you would support, and I hope make strong moves to use your influence, to campaign for a new radio-carbon -14 dating.

After all, in the past twenty-five years r-c dating has become more scientifically accurate and it should be able to avoid the criticisms of the 1988 dating.

Benford and Marino sought out the help of several textile experts who examined documenting photographs of the radiocarbon samples. Based on estimates from these photographs, and based on a historically plausible date for such repairs, Ronald Hatfield of the radiocarbon dating firm Beta Analytic provided estimates that show that the cloth might be 2000 years old.

These repairs, particularly in the media, are sometimes confused with patches applied to the shroud following the 1532 fire. But the reweaving repair was intended to be nearly invisible.


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