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The information detailed in this guide describes what public records are considered to be, and how and where to request public records.

The Attorney General's website also contains specific contact information for assistance in obtaining open records.

An additional 6,167 men and women were on parole or probation.A guard stands by as inmates at the North Dakota State Penitentiary walk between cell units earlier this month in Bismarck.The state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is looking to change the way inmates receive rehabilitation inside and improve the transition to the outside in an attempt to lower recidivism rates.The right of the public to have access to North Dakota state government records and information is guaranteed by the North Dakota Open Records Law.To assist the public with a better understanding of this law, a Citizen's Guide to North Dakota's Open Meetings and Records Law has been posted on the North Dakota Attorney General's website.A system problem Leann Bertsch, DOCR director, said she believes the problem with North Dakota's growing incarceration rate goes far beyond what her department can handle."This isn't a prison problem. A chart that Bertsch recently presented to state legislators and the public revealed several spikes in North Dakota's inmate population from 1992 to 2014.


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