Senegal dating culture

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The capital, Dakar, is a vibrant city famous for its lively markets and rich musical culture.

Elsewhere, Senegal boasts beautiful colonial architecture; secluded beaches blessed with world-famous surf breaks; and remote riverine deltas teeming with wildlife.

Being almost devoid of drinking water, the island was not settled before the arrival of Europeans.

The Portuguese were the first to establish a presence on Gorée ), built by an Afro-French Métis family about 1780–1784.

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A friendly international between Senegal and the Ivory Coast at the Charlety Stadium in Paris had to abandoned on Monday night, when a group of fans invaded the pitch.

Liverpool’s Sadio Mane gave Senegal the lead from the penalty spot in the second-half, with Cyriac Gohi Bi levelling the scores just two minutes later.

The House of Slaves is one of the oldest houses on the island.

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