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Kristina Sachs-Barrable, who has two young children.Sachs-Barrable confessed that in June she gave Gravol to her two-year-old daughter on a return flight to Vancouver from Frankfurt.Boschung is against using any medication for the sole purpose of knocking a kid out on a flight, though she told , “I did mention that parents might consider using a decongestant for taking off and landing, in order to help unclog their child’s sinuses, thereby minimizing discomfort from changes in altitude—but first to consult with their family doctor.One of the side effects of decongestants is they may make children drowsy and I joked that on a long flight this may have an unintentionally positive benefit.” Attending the lunch hour workshop in July was Sheila Thornton, a research scientist at UBC’s faculty of pharmaceutical sciences, because “I have a three-year-old son and my husband is Brazilian so we foresee a lot of travel in the future.” Also in attendance was her colleague, research scientist Dr.What I really want to know is what sedatives or medication have you taken along on flights to help your kids when necessary?I have nightmares of him screaming nonstop the whole flight, and being so exhausted and stressed, I really want to do all I can to prevent this, so please any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I know some people use phenergan as a sedative but it really isn't recommended to sedate a toddler for any reason not medically necessary.The actions of a British mother, Shona Sibary, who admitted medicating her children to get them to sleep on long flights has sparked a furious debate on parenting and travel forums about the use of drugs in sedating children for convenience.Sibary, a journalist, defended herself in the UK's Daily Mail: "I was held hostage to the relentless, nerve-jangling wailing of my inconsolable infant. It was the looks of hatred on their faces - glares saying: 'Can't you do something about that dreadful noise, you ineffectual mother?

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The workshop was hosted by Sallie Boschung, a Vancouver French immersion teacher who has flown extensively with her two children all around the world.And it's one that has the PC brigade out in force, claiming that to drug children on a plane is tantamount to child abuse" she wrote. "I would never do that" wrote a member of the Australian migration forum Pomsin Oz."You never know how your kid will react to meds and most importantly, drugging a kid for your or other passengers' convenience is unacceptable." "I wouldn't dream of doing that. We trialled it before leaving (it makes some kids hyper) as DD gets travel sickness and the Dr said it would have the added 'bonus' of helping her sleep. I don't travel without it now." "This is me" said another parent.Boschung came with a list of tips for handling kids on the ground and in the air. “Dress even teenagers in really bright clothing like fluorescent pink,” she told the group.For children younger than 11, tag their wrist with a hospital-type ID bracelet with an emergency number.We're going on a long flight with our toddler who really doesn't travel well (economy class with active, agitated toddler sitting on our laps ).


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