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Also with the numbers I have dyslexia (A very difficult word to spell for people who can't spell -.-) and If I can't remember or just don't know how to spell a number, to just put the number down. Reader.(m/n) brushed down the skirt of his dress as he makes his way over to his host.Punctuation is also a weak point of mine so explaining that to me is very helpful thank you. Reader It had been Five years since the two men had been together, and Russia wanted to surprise his sweetie little sunflower. He smiled as he sat down with his best friend Ally, who happened to be the only person to know both of his secrates.If you enjoyed reading this please leave a comment or favorite, also requests for fanfics are free so if you want a character fic that not many people write about Im sure I can write one for you. The aroma of homemade chocolates with a smidge of love potion smelled divine to you, Draco x Bullied! As in the reason why 'you' were so prone to being bullied.Please leave a request on the List below otherwise it won't count as a slot taken! Anyway, with this longer than usual authors note, I release my reader's into my fanfic._____ Making friends with someone like Draco Malfoy wasn't easy, especially when he had outbursts of rage and snapped at everyone, is what you would say if you were everyone else.I have a tendency to plan something one way and write it in another way.

Oh thank you~ You see, when a character isn't exactly like how it is in the original work, readers sometimes throw very hissy fits, I was making sure to not offend anyone in that sense .3. And I'll be sure to read your work when I'm done with your requests ;3! Now for people who just write really bad fanfiction, and bad as in I can't even tell what I'm reading is there, then I'm offended. You still held onto the hope that if you treated people the way you wanted to be treated... But, being sorted into Slytherin didn't really prove your Draco Malfoy x Reader: I don't give a damn. You were the almost exact definition of a Ravenclaw, you always worked, you were known for your top marks on exams and you were a rival to Hermione Granger. You walked along the first floor and into the Great Hall. _____________________________________________________________As the usual, you walked through the forest surrounding the Creepypasta mansion.

Wow this one sucks a lot, but it is my first Draco one shot and its kinda hard to be him i'm not mean.

But anyway this one does suck it took me awhile to make.

i know there is probably grammar mistakes and spelling but you don't like it don't comment or fav but if you do please leave a comment or favorite ^^I do not own Draco Malfoy The one who makes him happy.

(Kylo Ren X Reader)(There is a small spoiler so read at your own risk) It’d has been about 15 years since Ren left his parents and changed his name to Kylo Ren.


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