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If you're dealing with a girl, they'll like that constant attention." Master the Friend Zone The key to Sanchez's hottest relationship is friendship."When I was younger, I wouldn't become friends with a guy until after we were already at it. " Earn It "When a woman is too easy, men lose interest really fast. I give the actors points for effort, but all that hard work could've been spared if they spoke in their native language.I think what mainly makes the film work for me is the fast pace.“But when we really connected with these men, and learned about the real acts of valor that have happened on the battlefield over the last ten years, they were more mind-blowing than anything a Hollywood screenwriter could write…And all the operational planning was done by the SEALs, every op you see go done in the movie, it was written by the SEALs so it is 100 percent legit.” “The caliber of these guys was just so unbelievably amazing," Mc Coy added.A., and the first time I saw him, he came over to me and said, 'I just want to introduce myself.'" Maintain Eye Contact To win a woman, give her your best double take.

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This is what's happening out there: On Thursday evening, Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sanchez took the stage at the Latin Grammys wearing a completely sheer gown (below).

During a speaking engagement in NYC, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour told the crowd that she put Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the April cover because she bores of "deeply tasteful" people.

(Yo, Kanye, we're really happy for you and we're gonna let you finish, but Wintour just dished out one of ) Former "House" actor Hugh Laurie was announced as the latest addition to the HBO comedy series "Veep." It's not yet known who he'll play, but we're hoping he takes the role of a curmudgeonly presidential medical advisor who expertly diagnoses Selena's many anti-social disorders.

Despite how silly each situation is, the pace is fast enough to prevent you from dwelling on the silliness.

Always Make the First Move Don't just ogle; approach her!


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