Powerpuff and rowdyruff dating christian dating muslim girl

" Bubbles asked nudging Buttercup"Unno" Buttercup shrugged.

Brick heard Bubbles and turned lightly in his seat to find Blossom wasn't there, furrowing his brows he turned back to the front to find the principal adressing the school."Settle down please" the hall went silent, until Butch made a very loud yawn and the school chuckled."Butch..." The principal glared at Butch who held up his hands innocently before closing his eyes again."Now today isn't going to be like ordanariy Mondays, today we have a very special performance from Townsville Dance acadamy so please give thema big round of applauce."The students clapped as the curtians rose and a redhead girl stood center stage with other girls stood behind her.

PPG don't buy their story of being good.1st PPG fanfic,so plz be nice and no flames plz! Rated for language and maybe 'stuff' in later chapters. They are turned good by a malfunction in the process that Him made when trying to bring them back from the dead. He decided that he would do it later at home in the privacy of his own room."OK guys, well since we have nothing planned for a couple more weeks due to the weather." Blossom said with a regretful look outside. I fixed my hair, I smelled my breath, I checked my face. I thought we got rid of the you evil guys 10 years ago." I replied coldly.

Brick's hair had grown longer to where it is in a ponytail.

He still wore his red cap, instead of his red Rowdyruff uniform he had a red jacket,black jeans, and red shoes.

People thought that Bubbles and Boomer where the 'it' couple the cheerleader and the Jock (classic couple) Buttercup and Butch where the bad-ass couple nobody messed with them and in turn no guys went for Buttercup and no girl went for Butch. Finally there was Brick the all around hottie bad boy and Blossom.

Brick was known for dating 'Nerdy Blossom' he was constanly asked by girls when he dated the redhead but he just said he had his reasons and walked away.


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