Post dating employee checks

When an interruption in the employer-employee relationship by volition of the employer occurs, the wages or compensation for labor or service earned, vested, determinable, and unpaid at the time of such discharge are due and payable immediately, EXCEPT: that mailing of wages due to a separated employee is acceptable when the postmark is dated within the specified time periods as described above.For example, an employer with an off-site accounting unit may mail wages due to the separated employee via regular mail as long as the mailing is postmarked no later than twenty-four hours after the start of the accounting unit's next regular workday. When an employee voluntarily quits or resigns, they are to receive their wages and compensation, due and payable, upon the next regular payday.For tax reasons, your December retirement check is always dated the first day of the new year.The State Controller's Office issues checks and determines mailing dates.Individuals wishing to enroll in the program must complete a Standard (STD) 699, Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization Form.Once the form has been completed, submit it to your personnel/payroll office.The Home Office will send you a ‘Positive Verification Notice’ to confirm that the applicant has the right to work. Benefits are paid at the beginning of the month for the previous month's benefits.

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Your personnel/payroll office will verify your form for completeness and any departmental eligibility requirements, then complete the remainder of the form and send it to the State Controller's Office (SCO) for processing.

Once the SCO verifies that you have an active account at your designated financial institution, all payments you receive through the payroll system (e.g., regular pay, overtime, adjustments, travel reimbursements through the Cal ATERS system, etc.) will be made by Direct Deposit.

I just found a paycheck from my old work that is dated August 5th, 2013.

Check with your financial institution to find out if they will accept automated deposits.

Yes, some employees have payroll deductions established for employee organization dues, credit union payment, insurance programs, etc.


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