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Orangutans are covered with a sparse, coarse, long, shaggy hair which, in adults, can be maroon or dark reddish brown to burnt sienna in color.An adult orangutan’s face is mostly bare with dark skin. Center for Media and Information Literacy at Temple University (CMLIL) 3. PEC’s Center for Digital Inclusion and Technology (CDIT) 7.

It is also a crime to hire a prostitute, or make money from or promote prostitution.

Organizational memberships are only designated for non-profits, community groups, collectives and educational institutions.

These types of groups may become members by submitting proof of non-profit status or a documented history of working collectively to serve the community.

Sumatran orangutans are one of the great apes and are among the largest of all living primates.

Orangutans exhibit a pronounced physical difference between males and females.


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