Kathy griffin dating old spice guy

'Taylor Swift, you are a spoiled, ostrich-legged, no talent, big footed freak,' he tells he to her face, so she can retain her fans with another break-up song She thanks him, runs back on stage, and wins back her fans by announcing: 'This next song is about my dumb ex-boyfriend, who either cheated on me, mistreated me, or went to massage parlours when I was out of town!

So let’s make that, say, 80-90 percent definitely a publicity stunt.

“That’s when she realized that he was moving too fast.

“Kathy thrived on dating a gorgeous guy, but she wants her freedom.”” last month, and while he insisted he’s a “single man” I think we can assume that he’s experienced Kathy’s force of nature firsthand more than once. And the good news is that the Old Spice guy is single, hurray!

The following day, he visited her on the set of FOX's smash hit "Glee," where the two were caught canoodling between takes.

First there was Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, then Brigitte Nielsen and Flava Flav, now this: Kathy Griffin and the Old Spice Guy are apparently seeing each other.


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