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Of course, Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' would to be on both the guys' and the girls' list, but how did Backstreet Boys' 'Everybody' make the list?

We're also a bit curious as to why Biebs' 'Sorry' was included in the women's song list, but not the men's?

If Katharine's so inspired you, Fashion Finder has done the heavy lifting and curated a similar style of dress below.

When I was 6, in 1971, after a very painful earache I had a myringatomy performed on my ears (ear tubes). To this day I do not like live music or loudly played music. On a very rare occasion, far rarer than a blue moon, I have that universal yearning to listen to loud music...

They began with a dance version of Aretha Franklin's classic, "Chain of Fools".Her debut album, Jennifer Paige, was released in August 1998, and consisted of guitar-driven mid-tempo songs such as "Questions", "Between You and Me", "Get to Me", and "Just to Have You".Critics took notice of her voice, and Billboard magazine declared that "Paige succeeds in the nearly impossible task of oozing smouldering sensuality without resorting to typical groans and moans; instead, she uses her notably flexible vocal range to convey the emotion of the tune.WATCH: 'Bachelor' Dolphin Trainer Alexis Waters Says She's Going to 'Paradise'…And Wants to Date Chad Johnson! At the age of five she began singing at local coffeehouses and restaurants with her older brother, Chance.Katharine's frock would be the perfect look for a special birthday or even a 3rd date.


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