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Bailey's actions had a profound effect on her, the court heard.Gardaí were made aware of the video by the victim and officers contacted the site to have it removed.The Canadian national, Jashua Robert Tremblay, 33, has pleaded guilty to three charges under Canadian child sex tourism legislation.The prosecution is the result of a highly unusual joint Canadian-Irish police investigation.He made full admissions to gardaí that he uploaded the video on two occasions.The victim, who did not appear in court, wrote a letter to the judge to explain the untold damage and profound effect the incidents had on her.Under Canadian law, its citizens can be prosecuted for certain sexual offences committed against children abroad.Tremblay’s victim was aged 13 when the online grooming began in late 2012 and 14 when the sexual activity occurred the following year.

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He has made a counter-claim that he was being blackmailed for money to stop the sexual assault complaint being made.

Police were then informed that the child's father was contacted by an associate of Mathew after he was arrested, the court heard.

Prosecution counsel Kate Mc Kay said: "It was alleged by him that he was told the applicant would give him £20,000 in cash and sign over the ownership of a business valued at £50,000 if the allegation by his young daughter was not pursued." CCTV footage from a custody suite at Coleraine Police Station depicts Mathew asking his associate to speak to the family in an attempt to reach a settlement, Mrs Mc Kay contended.

After the footage was taken down, the defendant uploaded it again within three weeks.

He removed the offending film only after the victim and her family contacted him.


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