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The feedback does not have to be given right there and then.

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Needed 40 min to cook and i pressed down at 18 min even though not very puffy because i wanted to ensure pattern printed well. I prepared stoneware with butter and nut flour and even though 2nd time i used pan, shortbread came out easily. I just chilled it in the mixing bowl for an hour and pressed the crumbs into two prepared shortbread molds.

Used brown rice flr instead of white, used homemade brown sugar, used artisan flr instead of ap and vodka and vanilla plus instead of whiskey (none on hand but still wanted dough plyability from the alcohol). This dough was very "short" indeed - too sandy to divide and wrap.

It's the easiest way to watch a video or play music upstairs if the file is downstairs.

30 Second Video 30 Second Video Unlike some other media players (cough, cough), Miro is not trying to run your life!


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