Invalidating query cache mysql

Maria DB and see how the side-by-side comparison of must-have features will ease the journey. Like other Hibernate features, the Query Cache is not as trivial as one might think.

Download the Guide to Open Source Database Selection: My SQL vs. The Query Cache is strictly related to Entities and it draws an association between a search criteria and the Entities fulfilling that specific query filter.

Therefore this is a feature that empowers the DBAs.

To define what traffic need to be cached we need to define query rules that match incoming traffic, and define a cache_ttl for it.

How to repeat: I believe this might have something to do with row based replication of large tables.

Rows: ~49,917,839 Inno DB latin1_swedish_ci Size: 28.7 Gi B I've now yet been able to repeat with 100% accuracy.


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