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Michelle Kwan is not an “ice princess.” World champion figure skater and threat on the ice, maybe, but it would be offensive to call her an “ice princess” (although the media has called her so for the sake of the cutesy pun).The voice apparently belonged to Daphne Greengrass. Though come to think of it, she didn't talk much and he didn't remember her ever speaking to him before."I need your help.""What help? For the amount of work he put into his classwork and homework, he was doing pretty well. ""You, because I have heard you are teaching other students adequately. But they called her the Ice Princess, so that made sense."I'm not saying I'll help you.Men fall for her because she appears to be pretty, quiet, and demure, playing a little hard to get. A weak hand shake can often signify a cold person, someone who lacks feeling and personality.If you were put off by her handshake when you met her, you are probably going to be put off by her. Some people call it being “shy,” but there’s a fine line between being “shy” and being “snooty.” An unwillingness to even try to engage your friends in a conversation shows an unwillingness to get to know you better. If she hangs around you and your friends (and ignores them, naturally), and you rarely get the opportunity to see any of her friends, nor does she mention anyone she’s close to, then she probably doesn’t have any.No, an ice princess is not a sport, although many women have made being an ice princess a craft, something they put great time and effort into. And with a wave of a wand, men fall under the spell of a woman as cold as ice.


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