How to be more proactive in dating

He’s clearly trying to end the conversation; you catch him making subtle SOS signs to a friend; and/or he’s wearing a wedding ring. Initiating follow up: Many guys will be the first to admit they’re clueless about when to pull the trigger, whether it’s asking for a number, sending the first text, or suggesting a date idea.And much like being the first to say hello, it takes a heightened sense of social graces to determine when your go-getter attitude is a welcome one.By Marni Battista In this day and age, females aren’t expected (nor do they want) to be that delicate flower patiently waiting for the object of their affection to ring them up and ask them to the drive-in.We’re making more money and finding fulfillment in ourselves, so by golly, we should be able to make the first move with confidence every once in a while!In order to help you unpack some of the preconceived notions and deep-seated fears that led you to your wallflower status, here are some common reasons women hold back – and how you can adjust to become a more proactive dater who gets men to pursue you WHILE staying in your feminine role.

As a relationship coach, I advise singles to have a plan of action and a vision of what that future details.

The idea is that because it is supposedly easier for women to find a sexual partner than it is for a man, they are the dominant force, the buyer in a buyer’s market.

Because men supposedly can’t wander into the mythical Bar (and it’s a “a woman can wander into a bar” scenario) and wander out five minutes later with a woman eager to jump his bones, women by default have greater power when it comes to dating.

Throughout dating literature and countless conversations amongst single women, it seems to be the general rule of thumb that men should be the initiators of every step of the dating process - from the first conversation, to the first date, to the first kiss and so on.

While it’s true that the dynamics between each coupling are different and should be treated as such, I fear that many eligible women are missing out by going radio silent.


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