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Kjartan and Bolli grow up together as close friends but the love they both have for Guðrún causes enmity between them and, in the end, their deaths.

Second only to Njáls saga in the number of medieval manuscripts preserved, Laxdæla saga remains popular and appreciated for its poetic beauty and pathetic sentiment.

On several occasions, Laxdæla saga explicitly cites what appear to be written sources.

Hákveða refers to a special emphasis placed on some of the words of a song, often the last word of each sentence in each verse.

Seven manuscripts, dating from around 1300 to around 1600, have independent textual value. It was to enable Icelandic poets and readers to understand the subtleties of alliterative verse, and to grasp the meaning behind the many kenningar (compounds) that were used in skaldic poetry. Some argue that the word derives from the name of Oddi, a town in the south of Iceland where Snorri was raised.

The Prose Edda was originally referred to as simply Edda, but was later titled the Prose Edda in modern collections to distinguish it from the collections titled Poetic Edda that are largely based on Codex Regius, a collection of poetry composed after Edda in 13th century Iceland. Edda could therefore mean "book of Oddi." However, this assumption is generally rejected.

However, only sparse relevant genealogical information relating to the families of the Norwegian kings and nobles is available in these charters.

Nine diplomas have survived for the 11th century, and 91 for the 12th century, but the majority consist of Papal documents addressed to Norwegian kings or bishops, or otherwise indirectly relate to Norwegian matters, and contain little information which is relevant for present purposes beyond the names of specific kings.


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