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Alese and some SUG executives were reportedly picked up over their clamour for the reopening of the university.

An undergraduate who witnessed the incident told The Cable Lifestyle that Alese and some of the SUG executives attempted to open the locked students’ affairs office.

“The student affairs office was locked after the new site was created to cripple the resumption process.

“On hearing this, the Dean of students affairs ordered the FUTA SUG and other union leaders to go and break open the office so as to allow the continuation of students resumption process, but the JAC union alerted the police telling them the FUTA SUG came to burgle the office.

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Students’ Union Government (SUG) executives and Boniface Alese, dean of students’ affairs, at the Federal University of Technology (FUTA) were on Wednesday arrested by the police.

This means that nearly 3000 of those who passed will join those who failed the Post UTME test.

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