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I received a call from my wife while I was at work. It was the most painful day of my life to have her see all the derogatory and demeaning things that were said about her and the fact that her pictures had been viewed over a thousand times and that random men had x-rated pictures of her. She threw me out and we were seperated for 6 months.When I first signed up with ep, i was intrigued by the trading wife pictures groups.I started by posting nude pictures of my wife with her head cropped out. Telex Hygain Thunderbird Junior triband antenna with balun (currently dismantled/stored) (0) 4. AEA Computer Patch interface Model CP-1 [included VIC-20 computer & small B&W monitor] () 12. Charity Face-to-Face Fundraiser -25 per hour plus uncapped bonuses!


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