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Lol, almost everyone in facebook seems to post their chat with simsimi bot and people find it amazing, smart and funny coz’ this talking bot seems to understand and reply with your native language. Simsimi talk is a brilliant concept of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in-the-making by using the web and utilizing the netizens input all around the globe. Because this small talk with simsimi have the ability to learn what you teach to him.

I tried it myself and I find it funny for a while because this simsimi talk can actually speak different languages like “tagalog” and “Cebuano” and if you say something rude, simsimi will also retort in a bad-mannered phrases. The only disadvantage with this idea is that there are no control with the words created by its users and some actually abuse the system.

Enjoy and have fun with super-advance chatting robot Simsimi.

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This is an Australian Sign Language (Auslan) video about the services provided by 1800RESPECT.

Στα ροζ τηλέφωνα μας θα βρεις το καλύτερο Ελληνικό ζωντανό φθηνό τηλεφωνικό σεξ με γυναίκες και θα μιλήσεις με celebrity όπως η Μαρία Αλεξανδράτου και Αιμιλία Μπάρακ.

Έλα στην καλύτερη Ελληνική παρέα και κάνε νέες γνωριμίες με σέξι κοπέλες που ψάχνονται για τηλεπαιχνίδια.


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