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Interestingly, Zac, 29, and Alexandra, 31, will be sitting next to each other at the MTV Movie & TV Awards on May 7, so be on the lookout for some hot PDA! But, of course, as our source says, they might try to hide it as well. The first time early on I had to do a scene where I was with him and I had to touch his waist — I wasn’t prepared and a animalistic shock went through me like this sort of I don’t know, he is like not human. Fans went into a tailspin after they spotted this PDA-filled selfie from the MTV Movie and TV Awards, claiming the actors were an item!Zac and Alex have been spending a lot of time together on their press tour, and he’s finally putting some truth to those rumors.The actress posted a snap of herself with her's and Zac's designated seating areas which were next to each other.Zac commented on the snap writing: 'Heck yeah - I'm officially excited for the MTV Awards.

She shared the snap on Instagram and captioned: '@mtv movie and tv awards backstage shenanigans with @zacefron #Summerand Brody #Baywatch.'In the lead up to the event, Alexandra and Zac expressed excitement to be sitting next to each other.The source said they had instant chemistry on set and Zac was attracted to his co-star because he thinks she is more 'mature and sophisticated' than the other women he's been with.Earlier this month, Neighbors star Zac fueled dating speculation when he kissed the brunette beauty at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.Either way, when we recently asked Alexandra if she had a chance to touch Zac’s amazing abs while filming Baywatch, she gushed over his incredible body. ‘Baywatch’ co-stars Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario are really heating up!] and have been spending time together since the movie wrapped.


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