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With a handful of questions, I expected our interview to last about a half hour.But as we sat down and ordered drinks, the conversation just flowed. I loved that she was real and raw and threw the F-bomb around like it was water. Dreya Weber: Ned Farr (Who is the director and also her husband) wrote it for me.I was skeptical that they would try to do this and I'm glad they didn't. For those who didn't like P90X2 because of how much gear there was, this new set will appeal to you in its spartan attitude towards equipment.You absolutely don't have had to do any previous P90X series in order to use this.

They said we don’t care what it is, as long as the protagonist is a positive role model. The other part is there is something fun about playing a character who has so much going on inside that isn’t worked out.

She also has quite a fan base and following from her appearance in P90X work out videos.

I went to meet Dreya Weber before the showing of at the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

First, calling it 30 minutes is a little bit disingenuous.

Now, this doesn't bother me as trying to cram all of that into 30 minutes would guarantee your workout wasn't very good. There are some other things you can grab, but none that are necessary.


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