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One of our biggest partner segments are consumer credit bureaus and credit information companies.

IEC gives an unbiased open group to its partners to argue and resolve basic issues with clients, regulators, government and public information sector. IEC advocates a legal administrative environment that gives preference to users of information service and our industry.

Our partners service band ranges from information content, platform, workflow software, decision systems, compliance and risk assessment tools.

"I can tell you the big van there on the left-hand side of the big truck is a crime scene situation.

There is particular interest in the tape and the house we are showing you now." The tiny figures of cops pace across the street corner.

The grand opening of the Black Ink Atlanta Parlor was this past March. Tonight Ceasar learned that while Dutchess was setting up her Pretty In Ink shop in North Carolina, she was smashing a dude named Hurk.

This was all going down while Dutchess was still engaged with Ceasar Emmanuel.


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