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We conducted field mapping coupled with radiometric dating across the Shiwandashan and Youjiang structural belts (SWSB and YJSB), to investigate how southwest South China evolved and to better understand...A common model for normal fault growth involves a single fault at depth splaying upwards into a series of en-echelon segments.‘I asked the director, “Is it believable that I’d lead a gang that contained all of them?” and he said, “Of course, because you’re the George Clooney of the group – the one with the brains,”’ laughs Ian. ’We meet in Los Angeles, his home since 1988 and the city which he fully admits saved him both personally and professionally.It seemed in season one that perhaps the musical fantasies were, in a way, contagious, and while it sometimes seemed that Paula was a classic enabler, Donna Lynne Champlin’s standout first season song “After Everything I’ve Done for You (That You Didn’t Ask For” offered an alternate perspective: Rebecca may not have blessed these choices outright, but she certainly welcomed and encouraged those she did know about.

Here’s the thing: after I first saw this episode, I took a few days to think it over, and was mostly interested in how exactly Rebecca’s energy rubs off on people.Their initial impulse to research Anna Hicks (Brittany Snow in a solid guest turn) is mutual, as is the trolling of Josh’s Instagram feed that prompts the discovery of Anna in the first place.When they head out to “get to the bottom of this,” no one’s dragging anyone behind them, and no one’s hesitant, but by episode’s end, Valencia and Rebecca are firmly in “That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!First, while Rebecca’s choices may be more intrusive and/or catastrophic than those of your average person, the initial impulses aren’t that far off from many people out there.Second, she has an uncanny knack for drawing other people into those bad decisions, creating a feedback loop that drives everyone involved just a little bit nuts. Hitchcock’s episode, directed by Jude Weng, makes it clear that Valencia’s complicit in the sneaky creepy hijinks that drive the episode.In his new film We Still Kill The Old Way, Ian plays a retired English gangster who, having spent the last three decades living in a bolthole in Spain, returns to London to avenge the murder of his brother. For it’s a far cry from Ian’s most famous incarnation – the dashing, Robin Hood-type hero whose most lethal weapon tended to be his charm in Return Of The Saint, the 70s revamp of Roger Moore’s 60s series The Saint.


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