Bad uid for job execution msg ruserok failed validating

You might also need to increase the glexec/lcas/lcmaps debug levels in $ glite-ce-job-submit -a -r 2008-01-16 ,248 FATAL - Method Name=[job Register] Timestamp=[Wed ] Error Code=[0] Description=[system error] Fault Cause=[cannot write the job wrapper (job Id = CREAM856707634)!

The problem seems to be related to glexec which reported: Broken pipe] $ glite-ce-job-submit -D de2 -r prren12008-01-28 ,859 FATAL - Method Name=[job Register] Timestamp=[Mon ] Error Code=[0] Description=[delegation error: the proxy delegation ID "de2" is not more valid! ] $ cat job_ids ##CREAMJOBS## ****** Job ID=[https://ppsce03es:8443/CREAM880596078] Status = [ABORTED] Exit Code = [] Failure Reason = [BLAH error: submission command failed (exit code = 1) (stdout:) (stderr:qsub: Bad UID for job execution MSG=ruserok failed validating dteam017/dteam017 from ppsce03es-) N/A (job Id = CREAM880596078)] 2009-09-10 ,082 ERROR - Received NULL fault; the error is due to another cause: Fault String=[

In this period submissions to that CREAM CE by that WMS/ICE are not attempted and fail with this error message.

What does "getent passwd einjen" show when run on both nas1 and on compute-0-2?

That way, not only do I have a single place to look for notes, but it may also prove useful to others.

In fact, the most-visited posts on this blog tend to be just those.

Eventually, job submission would be extended to other machines, adding them also as compute nodes on additional queues.

To help myself if I ever need to do this again, and to help anyone else in the same situation, I’ll detail below what I did.


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